How to Sign Documents Online With Blueink

Wondering if you even need an e-signature platform to sign documents? The short answer: absolutely! 

I personally find the e-signature platform Blueink affordable, easy to use, and time-saving for document signing and storing. If you’re still skeptical about ditching your traditional document signing process, let me walk you through a hassle-free new approach.

It takes less than two minutes with Blueink. Plus, there’s no paperwork or travel necessary.

Signing documents online with Blueink

Suppose you have to review and sign a contract for a major deal in the next hour, and your office is 45 minutes away. Surprise—there’s traffic, too. That adds 15-20 minutes to your trip—clearly, you’re not going to make it before the deadline. 

But your partner is at the office, and he knows about Blueink. He suggests sending the document online using Blueink so you can review, sign, and send it back, all in the same app. 

Here’s the process your partner will follow:

Step 1: Sign up with Blueink

The first step is to create an account. Go to the Blueink website and click “Start Free 14-Day Trial.”

Enter your email address and create a password. Then, enter your business details, including its full name and organization. Once done, click the confirmation link sent to your inbox, and you’ll land on your new Blueink dashboard. 

Step 2: Upload and send your document

Now that your partner is logged in, it's time for them to upload the document they want to send you. Click “Prepare and Send” to begin the easy 4-step process. 

The first step is to upload/draft a document. If your partner already has the document, they can easily select the file from their computer. If they don’t have a draft prepared, there’s no need to start from scratch—Blueink offers premade document templates to speed things up. 

Now, add the signer’s details, like their full name, email address, and phone number. Once done, click “Next: Prepare Docs.”

You can now add custom fields like signature, signing date, initials, etc., to your documents where relevant. 

After adding all the details, click “Next: Review and Send.” Give the document one more review. Be sure to check each tab: Summary, Basics, Reminders, Messages. When you’re sure everything is clear, click “Send.”

Step 3: Review and sign the document

Once your partner has sent the document, you’ll receive an email from Blueink containing a link to the document. Click on “Review and Sign” to access it. 

Next, click “Continue” to consent to Blueink’s Terms of Use and agree to sign electronically.

Read the document and scroll down to find the signature window. Now, click on “Choose Signature.” You can type or draw a signature and also change its style. Once satisfied, click “Save Signature.”

Your signature will be added automatically. To complete the whole process, click “Finish.”

And it’s done. You and your partner will receive the final signed copies via email.

That’s how easy it is to use Blueink to sign documents online. Instead of making a doomed dash to the office, you handled business over a cup of coffee, saving yourself time, money, and stress.

Best practices while using Blueink

Blueink is your partner for efficient and streamlined document signing, but, like any tool, you’ll want to utilize it correctly.  To get the most out of Blueink, follow these tips:

  • Use templates: Save time by creating document templates in Blueink for standard agreements, contracts, and forms.
  • Establish a naming convention: Develop a systematic approach for naming your documents. This makes it easier to locate them in your Blueink account.
  • Clearly label signatory roles: When adding signatories, use descriptive labels, such as "Client," "Vendor," or "Legal Counsel," to avoid confusion.
  • Explore custom fields: Take advantage of Blueink's custom fields feature to include specific information relevant to your documents.
  • Efficiently sequence signatories: Arrange the signing order strategically to speed things up. Ensure the right people sign at the right time.
  • Leverage the audit trail: Regularly review the audit trail in Blueink to keep a transparent and secure record of all document activities. This can be invaluable for legal compliance and accountability.
  • Collaborate real-time: If a document requires collaborative input from multiple parties before signing, Blueink's real-time collaboration features allow you to work together efficiently.
  • Utilize reminders: Blueink's reminder feature isn't just for signatories. Use it to prompt yourself to check the status of documents that need attention.
  • Document tags: Use document tags and categories to organize your signed documents systematically. This makes retrieval and management a breeze.
  • Integration with other tools: Explore Blueink's integration capabilities with other business tools, such as document management systems or CRM platforms, to streamline your workflow further.
  • Secure sharing: When sharing documents externally, utilize Blueink's secure sharing options. Password protection and time-limited access can enhance security.

Start your Blueink 14-day free trial today

In business, efficiency and precision are crucial for growth. Speed isn't a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. 

You can’t afford to stay behind the times—you need better solutions. Blueink empowers you to streamline your document signing process, offering a secure and transparent solution. 

With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and enhanced security measures, Blueink is your trusted partner in the digital age.  

Start your Blueink 14-day free trial today and discover a new level of convenience in managing your documents. Take the first step towards a more efficient and secure document signing experience.


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