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Prioritize your students’ success at the same time Blueink automates your piles of paperwork.

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An efficient document management solution for education

Learning is for more than just the classroom. That’s what happens when school districts adopt Blueink’s electronic document management system—administrators, faculty, staff, and parents all learn new ways to enhance their and their students’ experiences.

Embrace a workspace where technology replaces the piles of paperwork on teachers’ desks, automates time-consuming tasks for administrative staff, and seamlessly connects parent-teacher workflows across devices. The future of education starts with Blueink’s electronic signature for education.

Delight families

Simplify student and parent interactions with a seamless, digital-first, mobile experience that speeds up policy approvals, meeting documents, and more.

Limit homework

 Prevent staff from having to correct and redo manual data-entry work due to errors in paper-based forms.

Deliver A+ automation

Replace mountains of paperwork with a connected, fully automated document management workflow.

All in One Solution


Operations teams have an unmatched skill set that balances resourcefulness with data-driven decision making, conflict management, critical thinking, and more. Managing administrative tasks doesn’t—and shouldn’t—fall into any of these categories.


Sign agreements with ease, keep sensitive information sealed, and streamline document delivery. Blueink for finance makes agreements and approvals a breeze. From invoicing finance orders to signing off on expense reports, track and authenticate every action effortlessly.

Human Resources

From the moment employees accept an offer to their last day on the job, Blueink’s document management human resources solutions streamline signing—so you can put the human element back into HR.

Making the transition easy

“AHI had a previous provider that lacked quality customer service, an account rep that changed every ninety days and cost that adjusted upward every year. Once we switched to Blueink there was an immediate cost-savings of 45% year one and an impactful difference in customer service.”
Bryan Jenkins, Principal Broker, AHI Properties

Supercharged capabilities that come standard

Blueink offers the features institutions already love and the superior on-demand support you expect. Blueink is the most cost-effective eSignature solution for education.

SMS Delivery

Instant signing, powered by the convenience of SMS.

  • Expedite the signing process and experience the 72% decrease in completion time most Blueink clients see
  • Benefit from SMS delivery with no hidden or additional carrier fees
People / Time

Custom Branding

Professionalism and trust built on brand consistency across the signer experience.

  • Brand documents, notification emails, and more with your logo to establish a cohesive look
  • Direct signers to a custom URL upon signing completion

Signer Attachments

An effortless option for document collection across devices.

  • Facilitate convenience on desktop, tablet, or mobile signing devices
  • Save time for signers as they upload or take a photo of their documents

Signing Order

Route documents to signers the way you need, the right way, the first time

  • Let Blueink handle the difficulty of getting documents completed in order without the hassle of manual work
  • Configure your documents to follow a sequential order or have parallel signing or mix both for more flexible routing scenarios

Security standards you can trust

At Blueink, we prioritize your security and compliance, employing state-of-the-art encryption and adhering to rigorous industry standards to protect your documents and ensure your peace of mind.

Advanced functionality at the best price


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$144 billed annually

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Business pro

*Similar to DocuSign Business Pro plan - 50% less

Per user / PER MONTH

$240 billed annually

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Harley Butler
Angelina B.
SPED Coordinator
Lifesaver for Schools
Blueink is very user-friendly. It is such a huge timesaver and allows our district to meet virtually and send and receive documents in real time. Users can also see when people have signed the documents, and who needs to sign with a reminder feature to resend the documents. I have no complaints about Blueink! All users are able to access the documents, sign them electronically, and receive a copy in a timely manner.
Harley Butler
Jason V.
Director of Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship Programs
BLUEINK is the best solution that I have found for Digital Signatures in an Educational environment
Exceptional! I have told all of my colleagues about this program and am excited to present on it in the future; as it is a truly perfect fit for Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship Coordinators in Georgia!
Harley Butler
Bette Jo T.
Administrative Assistant
Customer service is superior to Docusign
Utilizing BlueInk has improved our department greatly! We are able to get necessary paperwork signed quickly and I love how BlueInk sends reminders when the forms are not signed. We can [also] send consent forms via BlueInk and get it signed that very same day. When using USPS, we might wait for months for the paperwork.
Harley Butler
Elizabeth B.
Director of Special Education
Excellent product to obtain quick and easy signature
I absolutely love this product and use it daily.
Harley Butler
Julie H.
Very impactful – bundling documents saves us money
The business problem we have solved is sending documents in a bundle. With our last company, we had to send individual documents, which was much more costly. Our experience [with Blueink] has been great.
Harley Butler
Julie L
HR Manager
Grateful for this Product
I especially like that I can obtain an electronic signature due to folks being at different locations. I also appreciate the tracking abilities. It is simply a quality product!!

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