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Attract, hire, retain, and develop top talent without playing the signature-chasing game.

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Prioritize people—not paperwork

Cultivating a rewarding employee experience can be a challenge when you’re juggling competing HR & staffing tasks. What should you prioritize? The simple answer is your people, but it’s not so easy to do.

Say hello to Blueink’s electronic signature for human resources solution: your automation assistant responsible for accelerating signing processes, maintaining secure document workflows, and freeing up your time to complete more meaningful work for your organization and its people.

Rapid document signing

From ready-made templates to signature alerts and more you’ll spend less time managing documents and more time where it matters most.

Seamless hiring experience

Quickly distribute policy documents and job offers allowing for self-submission and signing from any location.

Automate what’s menial

Eliminate delays, reduce costs, and leverage straightforward automations for faster task completion.

All in One Solution


Operations teams have an unmatched skill set that balances resourcefulness with data-driven decision making, conflict management, critical thinking, and more. Managing administrative tasks doesn’t—and shouldn’t—fall into any of these categories.


The barriers to your B2B buying and selling process can certainly seem insurmountable, and that doesn’t even factor in your sales goals and quotas. Equip your sellers with the tools and resources that automate labor-intensive tasks and streamline the paperwork so they can reach their goals in less time


Master time rather than being bound by it when working to get agreements across the finish line. Blueink empowers procurement departments to drive business outcomes, freeing you up from the nuances and costs associated with a paper-based procure-to-pay process.

Making the transition easy

“AHI had a previous provider that lacked quality customer service, an account rep that changed every ninety days and cost that adjusted upward every year. Once we switched to Blueink there was an immediate cost-savings of 45% year one and an impactful difference in customer service.”
Bryan Jenkins, Principal Broker, AHI Properties

Supercharged capabilities that come standard

Automate mundane HR tasks with the features you love and get the superior on-demand support you expect. Blueink offers all the value at half the cost

SMS Delivery

Instant signing, powered by the convenience of SMS.

  • Expedite the signing process and experience the 72% decrease in completion time most Blueink clients see
  • Benefit from SMS delivery with no hidden or additional carrier fees
People / Time

SmartLink Forms

Let signers initiate eSignature workflows themselves with SmartLink forms.

  • Send Signers a Smartlink URL or embed a signing form on your website
  • Automate your processes and reduce unnecessary manual work
  • Empower signers to initiate when its best for them

Signer Attachments

An effortless option for document collection across devices.

  • Facilitate convenience on desktop, tablet, or mobile signing devices
  • Save time for signers as they upload or take a photo of their documents

Security standards you can trust

At Blueink, we prioritize your security and compliance, employing state-of-the-art encryption and adhering to rigorous industry standards to protect your documents and ensure your peace of mind.

Advanced functionality at the best price


*Similar to DocuSign Standard plan - 52% less

Per user / PER MONTH

$144 billed annually

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Business pro

*Similar to DocuSign Business Pro plan - 50% less

Per user / PER MONTH

$240 billed annually

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See what our partners have to say

Harley Butler
Beth M.
Human Resources & Compliance
Human Resources paperwork streamlined
BlueInk has streamlined our processes to ensure that all the required paperwork is collected in a timely manner with the proper signature.
Harley Butler
Guy K.
Partner and Co-Founder
Email and Text electronic signature gathering
Used many of the esignature systems this is the best.
Harley Butler
Julie L
HR Manager
Grateful for this Product
I especially like that I can obtain an electronic signature due to folks being at different locations. I also appreciate the tracking abilities. It is simply a quality product!!
Harley Butler
Pat L.
The great alternative to DocuSign
We reduced significant cost by going with the annual package.
Harley Butler
Sheree G.
Human Resources Director & School Board Secretary
Great Software
Blueink makes obtaining signatures very easy and convenient.
Harley Butler
Ursula M.
Human Resources
Saves time, increases efficiency
I have been only pleased and happy to use Blueink. Will continue to use!

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