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Redefining eSignature expectations: more for less

Blueink signifies originality. Just as signing in blue stands out amid black text, Blueink challenges giants to redefine eSignatures with better service and savings.

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The Blueink path: transforming businesses and disrupting an industry

Meet our founders: Faze Sharif and Zach Lovelady. Backed by over 40 years of combined experience in computer security, finance, lending, automotive, and capital ventures, these childhood friends turned business partners set their sights on solving the problems they faced time and again in their own careers. On a napkin in a Seattle hotel in 2014, Faze and Zach finally put a blue pen to “paper” and laid out their plan for Blueink.

With a belief that transformative change begins with a willingness to challenge norms, their mission was clear – to make doing business easier. With an ethos of accessibility, reliability, and trust they stand ready to collaborate with organizations seeking to streamline operations. It is the summation of their early childhood friendship, successful entrepreneurial careers, and personal tenacity to go against giants that has helped them successfully bootstrap Blueink to its industry-leading position in the eSignature market.

Blueink Path
Blueink Path
Blueink was founded with the idea that user experience is everything. It always has been, but it’s undervalued and underinvested in.

Blueink is more than just an eSignature service, we are an extension of your staff, a seat in your office, and a partner for your business.
Faze Sharif Co-founder / CEO

Blueink’s mission: a premier eSignature partner

At Blueink, our mission is dedicated to delivering premier, customer-centric eSignature solutions that prioritize affordability and intuitive design. We deeply understand that in a world where software tools can often become hurdles, the essence is simplicity and seamless support.

Our commitment is rooted in the belief that every individual and business has the right not only to sign documents swiftly but also to comprehend them thoroughly.

Thus, our software is designed with a vision to cultivate transparency, fostering a more efficient way of doing business.

Our aim isn’t just to provide a service; we see ourselves as your partner in progress. By eliminating complexities and enhancing user experience, Blueink strives to save you invaluable time and resources, enabling you to channel them back into your aspirations, growth, and what truly matters to you.

Streamlining document workflows across industries

Save, streamline, and receive top notch support all with Blueink. Whether completing electronic notarization, collecting insurance e-Signatures via mobile SMS, or closing commercial lease agreements online, Blueink's document management software ensures a user-friendly experience that creates measurable moments across industries.

  • Government
  • Senior living
  • Education
  • Staffing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Housing
  • And more
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Streamlining document workflows across industries

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Meet the team

Faze Sharif

Faze Sharif

Cofounder & CEO
Zachary Lovelady

Zachary Lovelady

Cofounder & CTO
Ivy Kushner

Ivy Kushner

Chief Legal Officer
Jim Mapes

Jim Mapes

Chief Compliance Officer
Rocco Freed

Rocco Freed

Vice President of Sales
Tyler Lacy

Tyler Lacy

Vice President of Engineering