Frequently asked questions


Why are you less expensive than DocuSign?

Blueink is a closely-held and privately funded company. We are hyper-focused on efficiency throughout all aspects of our business, which has allowed us to build a market-leading eSignature solution while maintaining a lean and efficient operation. Unlike DocuSign, we're nimble and tailor solutions to fit you perfectly.

They're hard to reach, give last-minute price hikes and charge extra for support.  Blueink's team is around when you need us. Plus, we won't squeeze you with price hikes – we're here to empower your eSignature journey and wallet.

Does Blueink have access to Contract Vehicles?

At Blueink, we offer a range of contract vehicles to simplify procurement for our valued customers. Our available contract vehicles include NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials), NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance), Omnia, and GSA (General Services Administration).

When was Blueink founded?

Blueink was founded in 2014 by two best friends who shared a vision of prioritizing the customer and signer experience above all else. This simple yet often overlooked truth has been the cornerstone of our success. Blueink isn't just an eSignature solution; we're an extension of your team, a companion in your office, and a trusted ally for your business.

Where are Blueink’s headquarters located?

Blueink's headquarters is located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Compliance & security

Are you FERPA compliant for schools?

Yes, our platform is FERPA compliant. We currently work with over 400+ school districts across the country.

Is Blueink compliant?

We take data security and compliance seriously. We are fully compliant with key data regulations, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and 21 CFR Part 11.

Blueink is actively working towards achieving SOC 2 Type 2 compliance taking our data security commitment to the next level.

Do you provide QES services?

Our product does not feature QES. However, we are compliant with AES and SES standards, with the level of verification dependent on the extent of ID verification used. AES and SES have distinct requirements for signer verification. Customers can utilize our signer identification tools to meet their desired level of verification.

Can we receive a notification when someone has viewed a document? For example, if a client views a document but doesn't sign it, can we be alerted to follow up if a certain amount of time passes without a signature?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a notification feature for that event. However, we are currently developing an enhanced notification tool that will include this event. In the meantime, you can utilize our event log to monitor events within the specific bundle.

About the platform

What is a Bundles?

A Bundle represents the entire transaction from creation to completion. Your envelope can have as many signers, documents, and attachments as you need as long as you send everything out together in a single transaction, all at once.

What is a Template?

Think of a Template as a blueprint for your documents. It's like setting up the structure with placeholders, text, signatures, and more. Just like you use a blueprint to build a house, a Template helps you create new Bundle with all the needed elements for a smooth transaction.

Does everyone signing a document need a Blueink account?

No, signers do not need to create an account to sign documents. Our eSignature platform offers a hassle-free and efficient process that allows anyone to sign documents without needing an account or log in.

Do I have access to my signed documents if I cancel my account?

Yes, even if you choose to cancel your Blueink account, you will retain access to all the documents you completed using Blueink.

Can I email and text a document to a Signer at the same time?

It is not possible to send a document to someone via text message and email simultaneously; the document delivery must be initiated either via email or text message.

Does Blueink support In-Person Signing?

Yes, Blueink provides in-person signing capabilities, offering a versatile eSignature solution that accommodates remote and face-to-face signing scenarios.

Can a document be turned into a fillable form?

Yes, Blueink provides the ability for documents to be turned into fillable forms that a URL can access.  Learn more about our Smart Link Forms here.

Do Signers need to download an App to sign?

No, signers do not need to download or install any apps to sign documents. Our platform offers a hassle-free, app-free signing process that can be completed directly through a web browser.


Do you offer API support?

Certainly! Blueink provides robust API support, helping customers to seamlessly integrate our electronic signature capabilities into their products or applications.

​What is an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. It defines the methods and data formats that applications can use to request and exchange information. APIs are used to enable the integration of different software systems, allowing them to work together and share data.

Can I test the API for free?

Absolutely, API customers have the opportunity to test Blueink's API at no cost thoroughly. There's no time limit for API testing, ensuring you can assess the API's performance and features at your own pace. When you're satisfied, you can proceed to set the API live. At this point, you will need to purchase a subscription to continue using the API.

How are API plans different from General Blueink plans?

API plans at Blueink are specialized pricing options designed for customers seeking to integrate our electronic signature solutions into their products or applications using our API.

Can I Send non-API Bundles when I sign up for an API Plan?

API plans include a limited number of “regular” Bundles, allowing you to send Bundles from the Blueink Dashboard and via the API. However, if you need to regularly send Bundles from the Dashboard and via our API, an Enterprise plan is probably the best fit for your organization. Please contact our sales team to discuss options.

How do you fix this API error?

{"detail":"Authentication credentials were not provided.","code":"not_authenticated"}

Create an API key and add this to the headers:
Authorization: Token <api_token>
That is how you provide credential authorization for the API.

Where can I find and manage my API keys in the Blueink Dashboard?

API keys can be viewed and managed in the Blueink Dashboard. You can access this section to create, or delete API keys.

​Why is it crucial to keep my API key secret?

Your API key is a sensitive credential that identifies your App and authorizes it to interact with the Blueink API. Keeping it secret is essential to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of your account.

What actions can my App perform with the API key?

Your API key enables your App to make calls to the Blueink API, including functionalities like sending documents for eSignature. It serves as a secure identifier for your application when interacting with the Blueink services.

What should I do if my API key is compromised or exposed publicly?

If you suspect that your API key has been compromised or exposed, it is crucial to take immediate action. Access the Blueink Dashboard, navigate to the "API" section, and delete the compromised API key. Afterward, generate a new API key to maintain the security of your integration.

​What is Blueink API rate limit?

Bundle creation requests (e.g a POST to /bundles) are limited to 200 / hour.
Other API requests are limited to 2000 / hour.
If you need higher limits, we are happy to accommodate. Please contact our team at

​Do you have the email address for Blueink for whitelisting?

All emails from the platform come from the domain
Whitelisting normally comes up when a customer wants to make sure emails from Blueink are delivered to their users. Normally, their IT department will configure their email system so that emails from are always accepted and never sent to spam.

What authentication methods does the API support?

The Blueink API uses API keys to authenticate requests.

How does Blueink handle Persons in Bundles created via the API?

Blueink intelligently matches signer data to an existing Person in the system when creating a Bundle. Advanced functionality allows retrieving the Person ID for precise association.

How can I set up Webhooks in Blueink?

Blueink intelligently matches signer data to an existing Person in the system when creating a Bundle. Advanced functionality allows retrieving the Person ID for precise association.

​What events can be monitored via Webhooks in Blueink?

Webhooks notify your app/integration of specific events in your Blueink API account, such as Bundle launched, complete, docs ready, cancelled, Packet complete, and Packet viewed.

​How does Blueink handle failed Webhook deliveries?

Blueink retries failed webhook deliveries with exponential backoff, making attempts at 4, 12, 36, 108, and 324-minute intervals. If any retry attempt succeeds, no additional attempts are made.

Do you have developers to help set up the API?

API. We do offer an open API that you can use to build an integration with another software, if that software allows for third party integration. Here's the link to our API Information.

I'm reviewing the API documentation and came across a mention of a Field Tags Guide, but I'm unable to locate it. Could you guide me to the correct resource?

As of now, the Field Tags feature is not implemented via the API. To pre-populate a document with data using the API, you can utilize the initial value. For field placement, you have the option of using a template or positioning the fields using coordinates.

Postman Link:
API Documentation:


Is your company concerned about our sales tax exemption?

We can manage tax exemptions; it's not a problem for us. You may send the certificate to

​Can I request to cancel my subscription if I am on a free plan?

No, there's nothing to cancel as you haven't paid any subscription with us

​What fees apply for integrating, bulk sending, or utilizing SmartLink features after the complimentary credit period ends?

The charges vary based on your usage and current subscription. We aim for a rate of $3 per bundle for SmartLink/Bulk Send - API.

​What is your pricing for an Enterprise subscription?

Our Enterprise plan is based on a per-envelope (transaction) model and comes with unlimited users. Our Enterprise subscription starts at a minimum tier of 1000 Envelopes per year for $3,000.

Do you provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to customers?

An SLA can be provided for Enterprise customers.

​What prevents me from purchasing a standard plan? I keep encountering an error message related to templates?

The Standard plan does not support Bundle Templates. Before subscribing to the Standard plan, you need to remove any existing Bundle Templates.

​What criteria must be met to cancel an auto-renewal subscription?

We ask for a 30-day notice before the renewal date.

Is the Smart Fill feature accessible with all subscription plans?

No. It is only applicable to Enterprise subscription.

What does the Free 3 Plan (Blu Free 3) offer?

Features: 1 Doc Template, 3 Bundles per month, and 4 users

What is the estimated timeframe for the completion of the refund process?

It will take 5-10 business days for it to reflect in your account.

​What is your pricing for an Enterprise subscription?

Our Enterprise plan is based on a per-envelope (transaction) model and comes with unlimited users. Our Enterprise subscription starts at a minimum tier of 1000 Envelopes per year for $3,000.

Blueink Dashboard

How can I modify the font color on my dashboard?

Currently, changing the font color isn't available.

How can I arrange the dashboard to display document names instead of just titles?

You can locate the "Filter by Template" dropdown at the top right. Additionally, labeling the document during the review, print, and send phase enables you to view the named document on the dashboard. Furthermore, you can conduct searches within the archive using the bundle label.

How can I include custom fields in the bundle label to enhance bundle identification? For instance, I aim to have the signer's name and the bundle ID displayed in both the dashboard and archive library.

You may set your Bundle Label to something unique, such as a combination of your bundle ID and sender name. To edit a template, navigate to the Delivery Option. Then, enter your signer’s name to set the Bundle Label as {{bundle_id}} - {{}} + title of the bundle and set the email subject to {{}} + title of the bundle.

Why can't I consistently access documents to sign directly from the Blueink dashboard? Occasionally, in the signers section, I see a "review to sign" button instead of the resend button. Shouldn't I be able to sign documents seamlessly from the dashboard? What determines the availability of this feature?

One possible reason is that you have a duplicate signer profile, and when you use the duplicate signer profile as the signer, the Review and Sign option will not show up. When adding a signer or yourself as a signer, make sure to choose the one with a person icon.

​How can I transfer an item from one team's dashboard to another?

The dashboard serves as a temporary location for processed documents. Regular users can only view their own documents, while admin users have access to all processed documents. Unfortunately, there isn't a feature available to transfer contents from one dashboard to another.

​Why isn't there a customer search feature on the Dashboard for quickly locating a customer's completed form?

Go to the Archive Library, there is a search function available there or you can also go to the signers library and search the signer, you’ll find all bundles associated to the signer there.​

​Is it possible to consolidate the completed documents into a single folder for easy identification of the ones that still need to be printed, rather than having to open each one individually?

We currently don’t have a folder feature but you do have the ability to go to sort by completed! Which you are able to do via the dashboard or the Archive library.


Can I view the bundles sent by other users?

You should have an admin account to be able to access any documents processed by your colleagues.

Can I duplicate a bundle?

Absolutely. Within your Blueink dashboard, when you navigate to a draft, sent, or completed bundle, you'll find the option to "Copy Bundle" at the bottom of the screen. This feature allows you to create a duplicate bundle effortlessly.

How do I assign a bundle to a team?

Click on "Basics" and you will see "Team" where you can use the dropdown and select the Team you want to associate the bundle into.

​How can I locate documents from approximately two years ago?

You can retrieve any past activity bundles by navigating to the Archive, which can be found in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

How can I restart a bundle without duplicating the previous one and updating the signers?

To initiate a new bundle without duplicating the previous version and changing the signers, navigate to the Document Templates. You'll find an option adjacent to the template labeled "Use this Template." Clicking this will generate a fresh bundle for you to incorporate the desired signers.

Can I send multiple templates at once?

Yes, you can send multiple templates simultaneously, provided that the signer roles across all templates align. To do this, navigate to "Prepare & Send," then select "Use Document Template." From there, you can either choose multiple templates you'd like to send or create a new bundle comprising multiple templates from your template library and send it. This streamlines the process of sending out multiple documents efficiently.

What is the file limit size for a bundle?

The file size limit is 20MB.

What is an "unlimited bundle"?

"Unlimited Bundles" means unlimited signing transactions. There is no cap on the number of signing bundles that can be sent out by your team of users if you are using the Business Pro Plan.  ​

Is there a way to resend the documents back to a signer if something wasn't completed initially?

Yes, you can easily resend the documents with all the necessary fields and information to your signer. To do this, navigate to your dashboard, locate the completed bundle, and click on it. Then, select the "Copy Bundle" option. Make sure to copy "all fields and all data" before sending it back to the signer.

Is there a way to retrieve a deleted bundle?

Once a bundle is deleted it's no longer accessible. Blueink will prompt you with a message to verify the deletion.

Is there a way to send a read only version to signers?

Yes. You can prepare the document and not assign any fields to the signers. They would receive the document to review and finish, then all parties would get a copy emailed to them.

What is an expired bundle?

An expired bundle refers to a set of documents or files grouped together for electronic signature, which has a predetermined number of days before it becomes inaccessible to signers. Once a bundle reaches its expiration date, it is considered voided and can no longer be accessed by the intended recipients. However, you have the flexibility to modify the expiration period according to your specific requirements before sending.

I wanted to know if Blueink has a feature where i can create a commonly signed document and upload it as a link so multiple people can sign it over and over?

Yes it does! That would be our Smartlink feature which is included in our Enterprise Plan. To check more pricing features, go here:

​How do I extract specific data fields from a collection of similar bundles?

Data can be extracted from the fields with a custom report. A custom report can be generated for bundles associated to a specific template.

​Can we establish a default order for signers?

There is a way to set a default order of signers. You would need to create a Bundle template, and from there, you can set the default order of signers accordingly.

​If I choose the middle option when copying an existing bundle, will it retain the signature made by the signer?

Copying fields and all data does NOT copy signatures. This is on purpose. Any signers will need to sign the new Bundle again. This is necessary for security purposes. We can't allow a User to copy a Bundle that is already signed, make changes to it and preserve the previous signatures. This would, in effect, let Users forge a signature on a document. As of now, you can create an escalated ticket and we can change the expiration for them. We will have the ability for them to change the expiration themselves soon (along with the reminder schedule, cc emails, and cc sender too)

​How can I recover deleted documents? The documents from the Bundle Template are not appearing in the Document Template.

Create a new Bundle from the Bundle Template, by clicking "Use Bundle Template" You will be redirected to the "Create Bundle" flow. Exit out of that and then click on the newly-created Bundle in the Dashboard In the dropdown menu next to the Document in the Bundle, you will have the option to "Save as Template" Click on "Save as Template", and select what fields and data you want to copy to the new template. Done - you will now have a copy of the Doc Template in your Doc Library.

How many documents are included in one bundle?

You can include as many documents or templates within one bundle, as well as any number of signers when you have multiple parties signing together.

Do the completed bundles remain intact or do they expire based on the observed expiration date?

Completed bundles will stay inside your Archive Library in your Blueink account for the lifetime of your account. The expiration date is how long your signers have to sign before the document expires.

What are envelopes? How are they different from documents?

Envelopes also known as Bundles in Blueink, represent the entire document transaction process and allow you to manage multiple signers, documents, and attachments within a single transaction. Here's an article that might help more with understanding the Bundles.

​If the contact number/email is invalid, is that information stored in an event log?

Yes, the number or email you used to send the document will be visible in the event log.

​Will a document that is currently being sent for signature to this email address appear in the dashboard?

The Inbox will have all of a users documents that need to be signed or have been signed by the user

Why is the bundle not appearing in the drop-down menu despite being assigned to a team? It only becomes visible when I filter the workspace to "Everything."

If a bundle was sent using the template before they set the Bundle Template team to a specific team, it won't update the already sent bundles. To assign the bundles to a team, Admin user should click on the bundle and under Team they will see the Bundle's team is currently set to None. They can click the pencil next to the None to change the team of the existing bundles."

I sent two separate bundles for me to sign first but why can't I find the second bundle?

Emails are grouped if each message meets the following: The same recipients, senders, or subject as a previous message. To access the second document, open the email containing the first document, and then locate and click on the three dots in the lower left corner to reveal the second document.

Do the signers receive a copy of the signed document or any email notification once it's completed?

Yes, once the document is completed, the signer will receive an email notification.

Do completed bundles get erased after a certain period of time?

No, Completed bundles will stay inside your Archive Library in your Blueink account for the lifetime of your account. The expiration date is how long your signers have to sign before the document expires.

Can I add different teams to a bundle?

No, a user can be in more than one team but you cannot add multiple teams to a bundle.

Can I add another signer after I have copied a bundle?

Unfortunately we don’t have a current option to add another signer when copying a bundle, it's also the same thing when you use a template from the Prepare and Send section. However, to avoid this error, we can suggest going to the “Bundle Template” library and from there, you may edit the bundle and you can add the signer role.

Why am I no longer able to copy bundles?

This issue arises when Edit Team Bundles is disabled in a team setting. To resolve it, an administrator should navigate to the team settings and enable Edit Team Bundles.

​Why am I unable to live view the document, generate a PDF before it's fully signed, or send a reminder to a signer?

This issue arises when Edit Team Bundles is disabled in a team setting. To resolve it, an administrator should navigate to the team settings and enable Edit Team Bundles.

​Why am I seeing the "Error Generating Signing Link" message when I try to click on Review and Sign via the Dashboard?

This issue arises when Edit Team Bundles is disabled in a team setting. To resolve it, an administrator should navigate to the team settings and enable Edit Team Bundles.

​Can I edit a completed document?

Completed documents can not be edited for compliance reasons.

Can I download a bundle as a single PDF document or will it be downloaded as multiple PDFs?

While downloading a bundle as a single PDF may not be possible, you have the option to download bundles as multiple PDFs. Simply navigate to your dashboard, open a draft, sent, or completed document, and a dialog box will appear. From there, you can generate PDF(s) for download. Alternatively, you may choose to download the original document.

I need to print out an archived bundle that has expired, but the system will not permit this action. What should I do?

Unfortunately, once a bundle has expired, there is no way to print it. The recommended approach would be to re-send the bundle by duplicating it and having the signers re-affix their signatures to the document.

Can I schedule bundles to be sent automatically without having to return to Blueink?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer the ability to schedule a send. For now, Bundles will need to be manually sent and only the admin of the account has the ability to schedule send using our Bulk Send feature.

How to reactivate an expired bundle?

Unfortunately, we're not able to reactivate an expired bundle. In this case, you will need to make a copy of the bundle and resend it to the signers.

How do you revise a document after it has been sent?

Unfortunately, you're not able to revise a document in Blueink once it's been sent. You will need to Cancel the Bundle and resend it.

Is it possible to extend a bundle expiration date?

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit an expiration date on a bundle that has already been sent out.

If you need to ensure you get this document signed and completed we recommend making a copy of the bundle and resending it with an adjusted expiration date.

Note: If unsure when the document will get signed, you can adjust the date prior to sending it up to 365 days.

Is there a way to print out expired bundles?

Unfortunately, there is no way to print a document once the bundle expires. When a Bundle expires that bundle is voided.

Document and Bundle Templates

​How do I ensure that the signature field can be signed by either of the two signers?

Create two signature fields and ensure that the "Required" options are unchecked. This setup allows signers to choose whether or not to sign.

What does the "Frozen Document" icon signify in a template?

Once you use a document template to create a bundle template, it becomes frozen. However, if you require it, we can unfreeze the template for you.

What does the "Globally Shared" icon signify in a template?

It indicates that the template is shared with more than one account. This applies only to users who have or have had multiple accounts.

Why doesn't the bundle template show up in a specific workspace after adding a team to it?

Setting the team on the bundle template itself is not the correct method at the moment. To achieve this, an admin should follow these steps: Go to the top right, click on their name, select 'Teams', then choose the team they want to add it to. Click on 'Settings' and then 'Add Bundle Template'.

​Can I send a separate document for the removed signer to sign and date?

Yes, you can always send new documents as you like.

​I have an employee that has completed a document. How do I access the completed documents?

To access the completed document, simply navigate to the dashboard and click on the sent document. From there, you will be able to download the completed PDF file.

Why is it that the signer is unable to mark the checkbox even though I have included one?

When the signer clicks on the checkbox they would like to select they need to click the box at the bottom of the signing and then click "Next", that will save the checkbox onto the document.

How can I locate documents that are no longer in the Dashboard?

You can retrieve any past activity bundles by navigating to the Archive, which can be found in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

​Why does it sometimes say a document was started, but when you go to live view, it’s blank?

The live view becomes visible once the signer begins the signing process. However, if a blank page appears, it indicates that the signer has not yet completed the signing process.

Can I assign more than one signer for boxes that demand both signature and initials?

Signatures and initials are the only fields that can only be assigned to one signer.

Can I send multiple documents to different senders at one time?

Yes, you can send all of them together and specify where each will sign by placing the signature field in the locations needed on each form.

How do I manually include a signer in the template? I have two signers, but the final document doesn't display the second signer. What should I do?

If the template itself only has 1 signer - then you would need to make a copy of the template and edit the template by adding the extra signer and any fields that should be assigned to the 2nd signer.

How do I manually include a signer in the template? I have two signers, but the final document doesn't display the second signer. What should I do?

This issue will be resolved once you embed the fonts in the PDF. The way to do this depends on what software you are using to create the PDF. Below is the link to the instructions if you are using Adobe.

How do I lock a template?

Only the owners of the template and admins can edit templates but you can lock a template. We have a feature where you can lock a template from not being able to be edited during the preparation stage.

Just go to Document Templates and on the "Prepare" section, you will be able to see the settings. Click "Lock Template" to prevent editing of the template.

I've created reusable templates with designated text boxes for user input, and some boxes are optional. Do I need to input 'N/A' in all the optional fields, or is there a setting to simplify this process?

If a field is optional, the signer can skip over it without entering any information. All you have to do is to ensure the field isn't marked as required. When you click on the field option, you will see a menu at the top left of your screen and then you will see "Required" with a checkbox below. For the optional fields, ensure this isn't selected.

What aspect does the checkbox represent? If left unchecked, does it provide the signer with the option to click the checkbox if they agree?

Upon adding a checkbox to the document, it becomes associated with a designated signer. During the signer's document completion process, they will have the option to either click the checkbox to indicate agreement or leave it unchecked.

​Should we create the template directly on the Blueink website, or do we need to create a PDF and then upload it to Blueink?

To begin, you'll need to create the PDF document externally, separate from your Blueink account. Once you have the PDF ready, you can then proceed to create a new template within Blueink and upload the document to begin preparing it with the required fields.

​​I selected a signer, added templates, and a new document to update. However, during the review process before sending, the new document indicates "No enabled signers are assigned to this document." What should I do?

​When creating/adding a template make sure that a signer role is set for each signer on the template and each signer has fields placed on the document and assigned to them.

Can I set an unknown signer to a document template to allow anyone to sign it?

​Customizing the signer role is limited. As it stands, you have the ability to make someone a signer 1 or 2, however you will still need to enter their associated information when you send out the document.

I'm encountering an error message while attempting to add a signer role to edit a template. It says, "The fields spec_key, spec must make a unique set." What does this mean?

​The error means that the role already exists. If you need it with the same role name, you can customize it by adding a number at the end i.e., Company Representative 1, Company Representative 2, etc. Under the dropdown of Select Role, choose "Custom," and a new field will appear. You may enter the name of a role.

I'm facing challenges while attempting to modify the signing order. What should I do?

To move a role to a different location, simply left-click on the role and drag it to the desired location.

​​How do I add additional information or comments when sending a document for signature?

On the "Review, Print, Send" tab, locate the "Messages" section, where you will find the "Personalize Message to Signers" feature. Check the box next to "Personalize Message to Signers" to enable the custom subject line and message options. With the "Personalize Message to Signers" feature enabled, you can now enter a custom subject line and message for the bundle.

​Can I delete a page in a template?

Unfortunately, you're not able to delete a document page in a template, you would need to delete the page from the document set and re-upload it as a template.

Can a non-admin user do bulk send?

No. Only admins can do bulk send. It's a control feature to make sure the admins are aware of the envelope allotment and to prevent other users from accessing large amounts of bundles without admin control.

Is it possible to replace a signatory once other individuals have already signed?

​Unfortunately, we can't change the signer once the document is completed. However, If the document is in "sent" you are still able to change the email address or signer information. It will redirect the document to your changes.

How do I merge duplicate signers?

​We don't have an existing way to do this. For now, the only workaround is for you (admin user) to delete the duplicate signer account. Please note the following steps: 1.) Search using email address 2.) Open the duplicate account 3.) Go to Bundles tab 4.) Check and confirm if all the bundles can be deleted, then Delete all bundles 5.) Remove the profile

Am I able to have myself Copied when the documents are initially sent?

Unfortunately, this is not possible unless you make yourself a reviewer by making a signer role where you will put your contact info in and not placing any fields for that signer role. This will essentially make whoever is placed in that signer role a reviewer which will then copy you when the docs are sent.

Pricing, plans, and partnering with Blueink

How long is the trial period?

Experience our product for 14 days with our risk-free, no-obligation-free trial! No payment information is required upfront, and you can cancel anytime during the trial period without any charges. If you find our eSignature solution is the right fit, you can easily subscribe after the trial ends.

For Enterprise customers looking to explore our Enterprise features, we also offer an Enterprise free trial. Simply contact us, and our team will be more than happy to set up an Enterprise trial.

What happens if I go over my Bundles limit?

You can purchase additional capacity to accommodate your needs if you exceed your allocated usage within your chosen bundles. At Blueink, we don't charge overage fees to our customers.

What are Unlimited Bundles?

Unlimited Bundles offer you the flexibility to send endless bundles without any restrictions or limitations on the number of documents sent.

What is the difference between the Business Pro and Enterprise plans at Blueink?

The Business Pro plan offers unlimited bundles, allowing users to send as many bundles as needed without limitations. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan provides unlimited users, enabling multiple team members to access the platform without additional costs.

How is pricing structured for the Business Pro and Enterprise plans?

The Business Pro plan is priced based on a per-user model, where the number of users in your organization determines the cost. In contrast, the Enterprise plan is priced based on a per-bundle model.

What additional features does the Enterprise plan offer?

The Enterprise plan builds upon the Business Pro features and introduces advanced functionalities. These additional features empower Enterprise users with enhanced delivery options, customization, dedicated onboarding support, and more comprehensive capabilities

How can I get pricing for the Enterprise plan?

Contact our sales team to obtain a personalized quote for the Enterprise plan that suits your needs. They're here to collaborate, understand your requirements, and provide a fitting pricing plan. Email us at:


What support is available?

Blueink provides multiple customer support channels to assist you promptly. All customers can reach our in-app chat team and email support for quick assistance.

Enterprise customers benefit from an additional level of support. In addition to in-app chat and email support, Enterprise customers receive the assistance of a dedicated onboarding team.

Can Blueink help me transition from our current eSignature provider?

Blueink offers comprehensive onboarding support for Enterprise customers as part of our commitment to seamless implementation. This includes transitioning templates and re-training users to ensure a smooth transition to our platform for your existing provider.

User Functionality and Features

How does a signer go about uploading their signature?

To enable the upload signature feature, the admin user should navigate to the account settings and access the feature tab.

How can I include someone to receive the documents I sent as read-only?

You can add another signer to the document without assigning them to any fields. This way, they will receive the email you sent for signing.

Could you provide an explanation of the benefits of free credits in relation to integrations, bulk sending, and smartlinks?

Blueink has additional features available in the account for you to test. Those features include:

Integrations - We support over 1000 integrations into tools such as Google and Microsoft

Bulk Send - This allows you to send a template to dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of signers at the same time with a click of a button

Smartlinks - This allows you to create a URL from a template that you can embed on your website

The free credits will allow you to test all of the features for an extended period of time

After that, you would be able to purchase additional credits at a reasonable cost per credit.

How does the CC email function?

The CC email is used for recipients to receive a copy of the completed documents.

What leads to the problem of being unable to generate a PDF?

1. Users adding custom checkboxes and empty checkbox characters. Currently, our system doesn't support these characters when converting to PDF, resulting in PDF creation failure. To resolve this, we removed those characters and replaced them with ASCII characters to represent the same function.

2. Input fields containing invalid characters.

Why is the signer unable to upload a copy of their ID?
The images must have a minimum width of 300px and a minimum height of 240px.

What does it signify when I receive the error message "Signing web session failed. JavaScript not enabled in signing browser"?
To resolve this, you'll need to enable JavaScript. Please refer to the following link for guidance:
Is there a list of what "non-admin" users can do?
"Users", non-admins, are able to prepare and send documents, create new templates, and see only their own bundle activity. They do not have access to user management, deletion of active bundles or templates, and template modifications other than those which they create.

​Is there a way to set up notification emails, for instance if one of my documents has been signed by the recipient that I would get that notification?

We have a way for you to get a notification when the document is completed. In our review, print, and send stage, there's a feature called "send yourself a copy of the completed documents", by enabling this feature, you will receive an email with a copy of the documents when signing is complete.

​Is there a way for individual users to disable the option of displaying the Blueink bundle ID in the bottom left corner or relocate it to a different position?

Yes. We do have a setting that will allow you to turn off the Bundle ID on signed docs. Please note, this is currently a setting you can find in "Account Settings" and is not adjustable on a user level.

I need to combine 2 document templates with a smartlink. How can I do that?

Go to Bundle Templates in your account. Click on "Add new bundle template" to create a new template. Configure the template according to your preferences in the Template Configuration section. Choose "Use Document Template" to select the desired document templates. Check all the templates you want to include in your smart link. Finally, click "add documents" to add the selected templates to your smart link and enable smartlink.

How will I send the completed items to the archive library?

Your documents actually get automatically placed in the Archive Library after you send them!

I am receiving "No response received from server. Please try again. Network Error". What does this mean?

It's possible that one of the PDF files in the bundle was too big, causing it to take a long time to load and resulting in a timeout. To resolve this issue, consider re-uploading the document and wait for it to load or you may remove the large PDF from the bundle or by reducing its file size before attempting to upload it again.

After signing a document, I didn't receive an email notification. How can I enable email notifications for document signings?

 Yes! On the final stage before sending the documents out, you will see a tab labeled "Messages". Click there and you will see the option to "Send yourself a copy...", which when activated, you will receive notification when the documents are signed. You can also make this a default setting in your account menu.

 How can I add notes when sending a document for signature?

On the "Review, Print, Send" tab, locate the "Messages" section, where you will find the "Personalize Message to Signers" feature. Check the box next to "Personalize Message to Signers" to enable the custom subject line and message options. With the "Personalize Message to Signers" feature enabled, you can now enter a custom subject line and message for the bundle.

Can we create labels for the team to choose from for organization purposes?

Yes, you can. Simply label your document during the review print and send stage when preparing to send out a bundle.

Can I create tags for our documents?

Blueink Support can enable this feature for your account upon request.

How do I adjust that reminder schedule?

The reminders cannot be adjusted once they have already been sent. Setting it up should be done prior to sending. If the bundle remains untouched, you can copy and resend it. After that, you can cancel the previous bundle. That way, you can reschedule the reminder as desired

How do I deactivate the SMS pin?

To do that, first, you will need to open the bundle ID. Then, click 'edit,' located on the right side of the Signer, and finally, click the SMS pin icon to deactivate it.

What are "Signing Brands"?

Signing Brands allow you to create custom branding for your emails and the signing experience with use of your logos. The account admin has access to create the branding options available to use with each new envelope.

Why is the location incorrect in the Certificate of Evidence (COE)?

The geographical location in the COE is established through the IP address location tracking system. Typically, discrepancies arise due to the use of remote servers or VPNs. This is one of the reasons we developed supplementary authentication features.

Unfortunately, we cannot manually adjust the location. The geolocation of the IP address mirrors the server location the signer's device is connected to. Therefore, the displayed location may differ from the signer's actual physical location, especially when using a VPN or specific cellular providers with fixed IP locations.

Is there any indication on the Event Log if a document is sent via SMS that the phone number either does not accept SMS (land line) or is out of service? Similarly, what if an email is sent and it "bounces" back?

The email address and phone number to which the document was sent will be recorded in the event log, but the system won't be able to inform us if they bounce back or are out of service.

Why is it not possible to use the tag, even though the feature is already enabled on our account?

If a user cannot add a tag, it's likely because they're not the owner of the bundles. If you're in a team, you'll need to grant "Edit Team Bundles" permission to a user for them to add tags to bundles they don't own.

Does Blueink have a feature similar to Docusign that notifies me if I forget to add a signature field for every signer?

This feature isn't available at the moment. Just a friendly reminder that it's up to you to make sure everything is set up correctly—for instance, if there are two signers, you'll need to create two signature fields and assign each signer accordingly.

Can I rotate a PDF?

Currently, there is no option to rotate the PDF via the platform. You will need to fix it first prior to uploading to the platform.