Same great features, half the cost

Blueink is built different – modern, lean and focused on delivering greater value to our customer. As a result, we offer the same great solutions, but with better service and half the cost.

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Features our customers and signers love

Bulk Send

Whether you’re sending 1 Bundle or thousands, you can distribute your documents for eSignature easily with Blueink. Bulk send allows customers to upload a .csv, populate documents with data, and monitor signer progress with ease. With pre-configured bulk send templates, you also can set up routing and other advanced workflows.

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SMS Delivery

Move from creation to signature in minutes instead of hours or days with Blueink’s SMS delivery feature. Most customers see a reduction in completion time of 72%. Unlike the competition, SMS is included in most Blueink plans with no per message charges.

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Smart link forms

Let signers initiate eSignature workflows themselves with SmartLink forms. Simply send them a SmartLink URL or embed a signing form on your website. Automate your processes and reduce unnecessary manual work with SmartLink forms – perfect for commonly used documents and high-volume workflows.

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Custom branding

Brand the signer experience from the messages you send through the completion of signing. Blueink not only allows for you to embed your logo within the documents themselves, but to brand the notification emails delivered throughout the process. You can also redirect the signer to a custom URL when signing is complete.

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Manage multiple departments in a single account with Blueink’s flexible Teams feature. Ensure that your users only see the data and documents that they need for their job function. Additionally, Blueink’s fine-grained permissions let you assign view, edit and admin access to individual users.

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In-person signing

Sign easily when someone is sitting across your desk with Blueink’s in-person signing features. Plus you can still use Blueink’s authentication options and notification controls to create the perfect in-person signing process for your needs. Ideal for healthcare, senior living and other industry use cases.

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More eSign features equal
even more value



Seamlessly integrate eSignature functionality into your other business systems Blueink’s full-featured API.
Tracking and transparency (Dashboard)

Tracking & transparency

Blueink’s detail Audit Trail captures all signing-related activity and download a separate cryptographically-secured Certificate of Evidence for extra assurance.
Delivery options (Reminders, Custom messaging)

Delivery options

Deliver documents via email, SMS, or SmarLink form. Plus, you can create integrated signing worflows through our embedded signing API.
Reusable templates (document + bundle)

Reusable templates

Configure a document once and use it again and again while also sharing templates with other users and teams to increase efficiency across the organization.
Enterprise Solutions

Standard fields

Gather the data you need with inputs, multi-line text, checkboxes, signatures, initials and more. All the fields you need for eSignature workflows.
Authentication (sms, ID selfie, COE)

Advanced fields

Advanced fields enhance document interactions – auto-record when a document is signed, read-only access ensures data remains unaltered and more.
Signing order

Checkbox groups

A group of checkboxes can have a set criterion that dictates the number of boxes the signer is required to check.
Signer attachments

Signer merge fields

The signer’s profile or account information can be pre-populated into all associated fields on the documents to expedite data entry.
Enterprise Solutions

Drop down fields

Allow signers to select from a set of pre-configured values.
Authentication (sms, ID selfie, COE)

Conditional fields

Control what fields are displayed on the document based on previous signer input to ensure that your documents are filled out correctly.
Signing order

Signature field options

Allow your signers to type, draw or upload their signature or initials. Control the type of signature you collect on a field-by-field basis.
Signer attachments

Field validation

Set up validation rules per field to ensure you collect the clean data you need in the correct format.
Enterprise Solutions

Signer attachments

Simplify document collection with Blueink's Signer Attachments feature. Signers can upload or take a picture using any signing device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.
Authentication (sms, ID selfie, COE)

Strong authentication

Multi-layered identity verification – ID, selfies, SMS pins – all tracked in the Audit Trail and cryptographically secured Certificate of Evidence.
Signing order

Signing order

Configure a bundle to follow a sequential order or have parallel signing or mix both for more flexible routing scenarios.
Signer attachments

And more

  • Real-time dashboard

  • SmartTemplates

  • SmartFill

  • Bundle archive

  • Reminder emails


SMS pin

SMS pin

Ultra secure selfie

Secure selfie & ID upload

PIN verification

Audit trail

ID verification

Certificate of evidence


Why are you less expensive than DocuSign?

Blueink is a closely-held and privately funded company. We are hyper-focused on efficiency throughout all aspects of our business, which has allowed us to build a market-leading eSignature solution while maintaining a lean and efficient operation. Unlike DocuSign, we're nimble and tailor solutions to fit you perfectly.

They're hard to reach, give last-minute price hikes and charge extra for support. Blueink's team is around when you need us. Plus, we won't squeeze you with price hikes – we're here to empower your eSignature journey and wallet.

Does Blueink have access to Contract Vehicles?

At Blueink, we offer a range of contract vehicles to simplify procurement for our valued customers. Our available contract vehicles include NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials), NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance), Omnia, and GSA (General Services Administration).

When was Blueink founded?

Blueink was founded in 2014 by two best friends who shared a vision of prioritizing the customer and signer experience above all else. This simple yet often overlooked truth has been the cornerstone of our success. Blueink isn't just an eSignature solution; we're an extension of your team, a companion in your office, and a trusted ally for your business.

Where are Blueink’s headquarters located?

Blueink's headquarters is located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.