7 Best E-Signature Software for Seamless Document Signing

Secure and efficient document signing has never been more important in business, especially with many B2B companies adopting online technologies (switching tradition for innovation). 

Electronic signature, or e-signature software, has emerged as a game-changer—streamlining workflows and enhancing document security across various industries. 

This blog post explores the seven best e-signature software solutions with a focus on the standout features that make each a reliable choice for secure document signing.

1. Blueink: a beginner-friendly and highly secure e-signature platform

Blueink is one of the most affordable and highly secure e-signature platforms you can find on the market. Committed to being user-friendly, Blueink offers a comprehensive software solution for both beginner and advanced users.

Blueink's key features:

  • Advanced encryption protocols: Blueink employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols to ensure the highest level of document security. Your sensitive information remains safeguarded throughout the signing process, giving you peace of mind in an age of increasing cyber threats.
  • User-friendly interface: One of the standout features of Blueink is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Navigating the platform is a breeze, even for users with limited technical expertise. The emphasis on simplicity does not compromise the software’s features, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Integration capabilities: Blueink integrates with other essential business tools, facilitating a smooth and cohesive workflow. Whether you use CRM software, project management tools, or cloud storage platforms, Blueink ensures a hassle-free integration process, saving you time and effort.

Blueink pricing: 

The best thing about Blueink is its affordability. Starting at $20/m for the Business plan, Blueink offers customizable options for teams of all sizes. 

1. DocuSign: advanced multi-factor authentication

DocuSign, a well-known e-signature platform, is known for its advanced features, notably its commitment to multi-factor authentication (MFA). Cyber threats are prevalent today, but DocuSign's MFA adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that only authorized individuals can access and sign documents.

DocuSign’s key features:

  • Multi-Factor authentication: DocuSign's MFA requires users to provide two or more verification methods before accessing the platform. 
  • Mobile compatibility: Users can sign documents on their mobile phones, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.
  • Customizable templates: DocuSign offers customizable templates that allows users to streamline the document creation and signing process. 

DocuSign’s pricing:

DocuSign’s Business plan starts at $40/m. Check other plans here. 

3. Adobe Sign: with cloud integration

Adobe Sign, a part of Adobe Suite tools, focuses on secure document signing and emphasizes legal compliance and seamless integration with cloud storage platforms.

Adobe Sign’s features:

  • Legal compliance: Adobe Sign adheres to e-signature laws and regulations, assuring businesses that their digital transactions are legally binding.
  • Cloud storage integration: Recognizing the prevalence of cloud storage in modern business operations, Adobe Sign seamlessly integrates with popular cloud platforms. 
  • Audit trail: Users can track every action and access detailed records, providing a comprehensive overview of the signing journey.

Adobe Sign’s pricing:

The Business Pro plan starts at $25/m. Check other plans here. 

4. HelloSign: with collaboration tools

HelloSign, also called DropBox Sign, provides simplicity without compromising functionality. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring both senders and recipients can easily go through the document signing process.

HelloSign’s key features:

  • User-friendly interface: HelloSign's interface is intuitive and straightforward, minimizing the learning curve for users. 
  • API integration: HelloSign offers robust API integration capabilities, allowing businesses to incorporate e-signatures into their existing applications. 
  • Team collaboration tools: Multiple team members can work on a document simultaneously — this streamlines the collaboration process.

HelloSign’s pricing:

HelloSign’s team plans start at $25/m. Check full details here.

5. PandaDoc: create workflows easily

PandaDoc stands out for its focus on document analytics and approval workflows, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to gain insights into the performance of their documents and speed up approval processes.

PandaDoc’s key features:

  • Document analytics: PandaDoc provides detailed analytics on how recipients interact with documents. Businesses can track when a document is opened, how much time is spent on each section, and which pages receive the most attention. 
  • Approval workflows: PandaDoc streamlines approval processes by allowing businesses to set up customized workflows. 
  • E-signature tracking: Users can track the status of document signatures, receive real-time notifications, and ensure the signing process is completed smoothly.

PandaDoc’s pricing:

PandaDoc’s Business plan starts at $49/m. Check full details here. 

6. SignNow: in-person signing features

SignNow is designed to provide a seamless and flexible signing experience, with a strong emphasis on mobile app functionality and the ability to facilitate in-person signings.

SignNow’s features:

  • Mobile app functionality: SignNow offers a robust mobile app, allowing users to sign documents, track signatures, and manage their document workflow from anywhere.
  • In-person signing: This feature is particularly valuable for businesses that need to collect signatures during meetings, events, or other in-person interactions.
  • Role-based access control: SignNow provides role-based access control, allowing businesses to define specific user roles and permissions. 

SignNow’s Pricing:

SignNow’s Business plans start at $8/m. Check more details here. 

7. XodoSign: real-time tracking features

XodoSign, formerly called Eversign, distinguishes itself by offering robust document templates and real-time tracking. It is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline document creation and gain insights into the signing process.

XodoSign’s key features:

  • Document templates: XodoSign provides a variety of pre-built document templates covering common use cases such as contracts, agreements, and invoices. 
  • API integrations: XodoSign offers powerful API and integration capabilities, allowing businesses to connect the platform with other essential tools in their tech stack. 
  • Real-time tracking: The real-time tracking feature in XodoSign enables users to monitor the status of documents as they move through the signing process. 

XodoSign’s pricing:

XodoSign’s Business plan starts at $40/m. Check other plans here. 

Which e-signature platform is perfect for you?

Choosing the best e-signature platform for your business depends on your needs and feature priorities. For small to medium-sized business owners seeking an affordable yet robust solution with advanced security and authentication features, Blueink emerges as an optimal choice. 

With its user-friendly interface, seamless integrations, and commitment to advanced encryption, Blueink strikes an ideal balance for businesses prioritizing security without breaking the bank. 

Evaluate your requirements and consider Blueink as the go-to solution for a secure, streamlined, and cost-effective e-signature experience tailored to the needs of your growing business.

Start your 14-day free trial with Blueink today >>


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